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"Acuity determines the most economic way of coordinating benefits by combining supplemental programs with a personal enrollment system to educate clients on maximum coverage. 

  • Expertise
    Acuity Consulting has over thirty years of combined knowledge of the insurance idustry. With continuing education, we will always bring up to date information to our clients.
  • Customer service
    At Acuity, our business does not end with us providing you with a solution. We are looking to build long lasting relationships to keep you educated and involved in protecting you own future while saving money. We want to bring you into the Acuity family!
  • Individual solutions
    When it comes to providing coverage, we know that there is no one-size fits all solution to every problem. Whether Business or Individual, we will evaluate your current coverage, then provide a customized package that will explain where your gaps are and how you can close them.
  • Reporting claims
    We stand by you with help and advice in the event you have to report a claim.
  • Long-term partnerships
    We believe in long-term relationships that allow us to continue to help our clients in an ever-changing environment.

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